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Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Restaurant General Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance?

A commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy is like a safety net for business owners. It protects your assets by covering claims of injury and accusations of negligence from others. Who needs it?  Well, any business navigating the unpredictable terrain of everyday operations.

Whether you run a cozy coffee shop or a tech-savvy startup, the world is your playground, but risks abound. A customer slips on a spilled latte, or someone claims your catchy ad misled them—enter General Liability Insurance. It's the superhero cape that keeps your business flying high, handling legal costs, medical bills, and property repair expenses.

The financial strain of a lawsuit can seriously impact any business. CGL insurance not only handles legal costs but also provides resources to keep your business running smoothly during legal challenges.


In the world of business, even baseless claims can lead to significant legal costs. CGL insurance is there to make sure your business remains financially secure in the face of potential damages, whether they involve property, bodily harm, or other issues with third parties.

What Does General Liability Cover?

Typically, a General Liability policy covers:

Bodily Injury: If a customer or third party is injured on your premises, General Liability swoops in to cover medical expenses, legal fees, and settlements.

Property Damage: Accidentally damage someone else's property? No worries. General Liability steps in to handle the repair or replacement costs.

Advertising Injury: Ever worried about the fallout from a catchy ad? General Liability's got you covered, handling legal costs if someone claims your advertising caused harm.


Reputation Protection: Accusations of libel or slander? General Liability defends your business's reputation, covering legal expenses and damages.


Products Liability: If your product causes harm or damage, General Liability steps up to cover the associated costs and legal defense.


Legal Costs: General liability insurance steps in to cover court-related expenses, potential income loss, and settlements arising from the legal proceedings.

General LiabilityInsurance Bodily Injury
Commercial General Liability

How Much Does a CGL Policy Cost?

The cost of commercial general liability insurance is closely tied to your industry and business specifics. For instance, a restaurant owner, constantly interacting with customers, may face different considerations compared to computer programmer from home. Industries like healthcare might experience higher insurance rates due to the nature of their services, while technology consulting businesses could enjoy lower costs.

Your business's unique characteristics play a pivotal role in determining coverage needs and, consequently, premium costs. Factors such as the range of services, the size of your team, and the specific risks your clients face contribute to the overall expense, as may the gross revenue your business generates. If you opt for a higher coverage limit in your general liability insurance, it naturally comes with a higher price tag.

Book a Free General Liability Consultation Call

We offer a complimentary consultation call. This quick yet valuable session is designed to provide you with personalized insurance insights and guidance. During this brief chat, we'll discuss your insurance needs, address any questions or concerns you may have, and explore potential coverage options tailored to your unique circumstances.

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