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Group Health & Ancillary Benefits

Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Your workforce stands at the core of your business's vitality. Regardless of the scale of your enterprise, Maxam Assurance Agency gives you access to health plans that are meticulously crafted to foster a thriving and dynamic workplace, drawing in and retaining top-tier talent. Offering health insurance plans that harmonize affordability with substantial benefits, we strive to simultaneously contribute to a healthy group as well as the financial success of your business. 


Our health insurance partners provide:

  • Build-in Wellness Programs

  • Online Account Management 

  • Health Savings Plans

  • PPO's

  • HMO's

  • Partially Self-Funded Plans

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance


As your dedicated healthcare partner, we are reshaping the industry with solutions that work seamlessly for both employers and employees. Join a community of businesses that have embraced a personalized approach to health insurance, investing in the success and satisfaction of their workforce.

Disability Insurance

Long-term and short-term disability insurance are two distinct types of coverage that provide financial support in the event that a person is unable to work due to a covered disability.


Here are the key differences between them:

  1. Duration of Coverage:

    • Short-Term Disability (STD): Typically covers a shorter period, often ranging from a few weeks to six months.

    • Long-Term Disability (LTD): Offers coverage for an extended duration, potentially lasting several years or until retirement age.

  2. Waiting Period:

    • Short-Term Disability: Has a shorter waiting period before benefits kick in, usually ranging from zero to 14 days.

    • Long-Term Disability: Involves a longer waiting period, commonly starting after the exhaustion of short-term disability benefits or after a few months of disability.

  3. Benefit Amount:

    • Short-Term Disability: Provides a higher percentage of your pre-disability income, often around 60-70%.

    • Long-Term Disability: May offer a lower percentage of your pre-disability income, typically around 50-60%.

  4. Coverage Scope:

    • Short-Term Disability: Covers temporary disabilities, illnesses, or injuries that prevent you from working for a limited period.

    • Long-Term Disability: Addresses more severe and prolonged disabilities that extend beyond the short-term disability period.

  5. Renewability:

    • Short-Term Disability: Generally not renewable, as it is designed for short-lived, temporary situations.

    • Long-Term Disability: Renewable over the long term, providing ongoing coverage for extended periods.

Disability Insurance Xray
Employee Happy about Ancillary Benefits

Compelling Reasons to Offer Group Benefits

Providing group ancillary benefits, like health , disability, vision. dental and life insurance, can be a game-changer for employers. It's not just about ticking boxes – it's about showing employees you've got their backs.  It is a win-win – employees get financial security, and employers benefit from a more content and productive team. Providing a range of ancillary benefits often comes with reasonable rates, making it a savvy move for both employees and employers alike.

Book a Free Group Benefits Consultation Call

We offer a complimentary consultation call. This quick yet valuable session is designed to provide you with personalized insurance insights and guidance. During this brief chat, we'll discuss your insurance needs, address any questions or concerns you may have, and explore potential coverage options tailored to your unique circumstances.

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