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Health, Life and Disability Insurance

Health Life and Disability Insurance

Maxam Assurance Agency Provides Health, Life, and Disability Insurance

Maxam Assurance Agency is your one-stop destination for comprehensive coverage, including health insurance, disability coverage, life insurance, and even Medicare supplements.


When it comes to health insurance, we offer plans from all major carriers.


Our disability coverage options ensure you are financially supported in the event of unforeseen disabilities, either short or long-term, offering a safety net for your income.


An expansive choice of life insurance options cater to securing your family's financial future, providing peace of mind.


Additionally, we specialize in Medicare supplements, ensuring you have the additional coverage needed for a well-rounded healthcare plan.


Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through these insurance options, tailoring solutions to fit your unique needs and priorities.

Book a Free Consultation Call

We offer a complimentary consultation call. This quick yet valuable session is designed to provide you with personalized insurance insights and guidance. During this brief chat, we'll discuss your insurance needs, address any questions or concerns you may have, and explore potential coverage options tailored to your unique circumstances.

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