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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine Insurance is a specialized coverage crafted to safeguard movable or unique property that standard property insurance may not fully cover.


Despite the name, protection extends coverage to property that is transported on land (inland vs. ocean marine). This insurance is adaptable and offers security for items like equipment, tools, and goods in transit...even those that may be owned by others while in the care custody or control of the policyholder.


It proves particularly valuable for businesses engaged in the frequent movement of valuable assets. Inland marine insurance ensures that these assets are shielded from risks such as theft, damage, or loss, delivering a customized solution for property that isn't fixed in one location.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

This coverage steps in to bear the costs of repairing or replacing covered property damaged by various events such as theft, fire, wind, hail, or water damage; and it goes beyond traditional coverage by also offering protection against accidents, mishandling, or even cases where the cause of missing property is undetermined.

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Bailees

  • Builders Risk

  • Collectibles

  • Communication Towers

  • Computers & Electronics

  • Contractors Equipment

  • Electronic Data Processing Property

  • Exhibitions

  • Fine Arts

  • Installation Floaters

  • Medical Equipment

  • Miscellaneous Property Floaters

  • Motor Truck Cargo

  • Party & Special Event

  • Program Opportunities

  • Signs

  • Transportation

  • Vending Machines

  • Wholesale Distributors

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
Art Gallery and Collectors Inland Marine Insurance

Who Needs Inland Marine Coverage?

  • Construction Firms: Protect your valuable equipment during transit to and from job sites.

  • Transportation and Logistics Entities: Ensure coverage for items in transit, vital for businesses involved in overland transportation.

  • Technology Enterprises: Safeguard frequently moving computer equipment, electronics, and tech assets.

  • Art Galleries and Collectors: Secure coverage for valuable art pieces during transit for exhibitions or acquisitions.

  • Medical Facilities: Relocate expensive diagnostic tools between locations with comprehensive coverage.

  • Event Planning Organizations: Protect special event equipment during transportation and set-up.

  • Renewable Energy Companies: Cover valuable assets like solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Manufacturing Entities: Safeguard equipment, machinery, and finished products during transit.

  • Telecommunication Firms: Ensure coverage for infrastructure, including radio towers.

  • Trade Show Participants: Prudently consider coverage for transporting exhibits and materials.

Book a Free Inland Marine Consultation Call

We offer a complimentary consultation call. This quick yet valuable session is designed to provide you with personalized insurance insights and guidance. During this brief chat, we'll discuss your insurance needs, address any questions or concerns you may have, and explore potential coverage options tailored to your unique circumstances.

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